It’s no secret that advertising has been a bit of a boys club.

12% of creative directors are female (still in 2019).

The national average gender pay gap is 19%

11.4% of industry jobs are filled by black, Asian and minority ethnic people.

The lack of diversity has actually grown worse

Less than 20% of advertising features minority groups.

It’s time for the industry to seriously take note and start to change.



The greatest change comes from us using our voice.

Our voice gives us confidence and power.

It allows us to connect with others, who might be going through a similar thing. If we stay quiet it can create guilt and shame, which can linger.

It’s through using our voice and understanding another person's point of view that change can really happen.

So we’re asking for your anonymous stories. Names won’t be mentioned.  

Your stories will be published into a boardroom book which we’ll give to CEO’s and leaders in the industry.

We think they'll hear more than enough stories to prompt them to take action.

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We’re a group of like minded people in the creative industry, wanting to create change.

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