Submitting your story


A bit of guidance for your story…

Tell the story of what happened. How could it help others?

  1. How did you react in that moment.

  2. How did you move forward.

  3. What was the lesson/s. What’s your advice to help create action.

  4. And where are you now.

    Please read our privacy policy before you submit your story to check you’re happy with how it might be used. Thank you



A few general tips…

  1. This isn’t a witch hunt. This is to help create positive change by shining a spotlight on an unequal industry.

  2. We ask for your story, be totally honest, don’t mention any names or companies. If you’ve signed an agreement (NDA) to settle things you need to be mindful of your legal responsibilities. That responsibility lies with you.

  3. Everything is anonymous. If you want to leave your first name only and city in your story it’s your choice. You don’t have to it’s optional.

  4. We also ask for your learning, what did it teach you? What did you go onto do? This is about helping others to learn and connect to other people’s stories, maybe going through something similar. You are not alone.

  5. We’ll treat your details confidentially. If someone enquires about a story we’ll get in touch if it’s your specific story. If someone sees and uses your story elsewhere it’s not something we can control. Your name won’t be associated with it.


What happened? Tell us in a couple of paragraphs for context. How did you react in that moment?
What did you learn to help other people. Tell us in a couple of sentences, bullet points is fine too.
What are you doing now? What would you do differently if something similar happened again?
I agree that my story can be used by Dear Adland or their partners. I have read and understand the privacy policy
We might select your story for marketing, events, to feature in a book etc. So we just need you to say you agree and are happy with this when you submit it. Thank you