Emily de Groot

Emily de Groot set up Dear Adland in 2018, with the official launch at Good Girls Eat Dinner, during D&AD Fringe Festival May 22nd 2019. She slightly procrastinated (a lot) with launching it, fooling herself she was testing things. The testing was very helpful though and led to a collaborative approach which was her aim. We can all help to shape the future for positive social change….


Good Girls Eat Dinner

GOOD GIRLS EAT DINNER has one simple mission: to provide inspirational, kick ass, female role models across the creative industries. And to do it in a setting that feels inclusive (and not remotely like a conference). Jo Wallace is the founder, and a creative director at JWT.



The AA, NABS and WACL came together to launch #timeTo which aims to eradicate sexual harassment within the advertising and marketing industry. To download or endorse the code of conduct or for more information you can go to www.timeto.org.uk

Key stats:

26% have been sexually harassed while working in the advertising and marketing industry.

72% of those who have been harassed have been harassed more than once.

30% have witnessed sexual harassment happening to others so, in total, 41% have either witnessed it or experienced it.

83% of those harassed said they did not officially report their experiences.


Bloom are on a mission to ensure women have equal opportunity in the communications industry,  by harnessing the power of their real voices.

They strive to

- future proof women’s careers

- spearhead industry change

- pay it forward for the next generation

Creative Equals

Diversity starts with equal hiring practices. It remains an uncomfortable truth that men dominate creative which is why Ali Hanan set up Creative Equals.

Nicola Kemp

Nicola Kemp is Managing Editor of BITE at Creativebrief, where she oversees consumer trends and innovation across the creative industries. She is a passionate advocate of diversity in all its forms and is on the advisory board of Creative Equals.  Her work has appeared across titles including Campaign, WGSN, M&M Global, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Guardian and The Observer.

She won The Women in Marketing Journalist of the year award 2017 for her work championing diversity in the creative industries. She was named as one of the 200 women redefining the creative industry by The Dots an #EverydayAction award winner by Bloom, a Pitch 100 Superwoman and a Campaign Trailblazer of the future. With a 3 year old daughter and a 5 year old son Nicola is always on the look-out for new feminist fairytales to add to their ever-increasing book collection.