I worked for a very aggressive alpha female

When I started my career in advertising I worked for a very aggressive alpha female. She was the kind of woman who found it perfectly acceptable to encourage a young female employee of hers to ‘wine and dine’ two male creatives and join them on a boozy night including strip clubs, all in the name of ‘networking’. 

I remember feeling like ‘well this must be the way it’s done then.’ And in turn forever being put off the idea of ‘networking’ as I saw it.

There were lots of other ways she behaved that made me realise exactly the kind of ‘leader’ I didn’t want to be.

People would rally around her but it didn’t feel like it came from a genuine place and I didn’t want that for my career.

I feel 100% comfortable with the way I connect with and build relationships with clients now and it’s got everything to do with being myself and nothing to do with ‘doing what I feel like I should’.