I was a victim of the agency's notorious kiss of death.

For no reason, twice a year, executive management decide to delete a few names off a spreadsheet. 

It might make you feel better, you might do a company meeting about how you've now got the best team going, you might sip yourself a little Kool-Aid, but for me, that was my whole life.

I worked hard to get that place in your agency.

I fought off so many traumas to retain that place in your agency.

I made my family proud by being in your agency.

And so I rolled my sleeves up for you, I stayed late for you, I PR'd you on Twitter, I grew client relationships for you, I sacrificed my weekends for you.

The agency gave me life. It made me, me.

Now you've deleted me.

That quick, clean 20 minute meeting where you read from a script is a distant memory to you.

But for me it's the source of daily nightmares. I think about it every day as I swallow down antidepressants.
I'll never know what made you randomly throw me out with no warning.

Call it optimisation, call it the business' new direction, call it whatever sterile term makes you feel better, but you kind of ruined my life in many ways.
Please remember your staff are humans, not robots. Your cruelty is indelible.

Unfortunately I learned never to trust HR. They're not there for you; they're there to uphold management's control.

Sadly, I also learned never to hope that good work will get you places.

You need to ass kiss and shout loud about your achievements.

I also think I would think twice about ever raising an observation of bullying. HR just marks you down as a complainer.

I'm trying and failing to get back into work. You pushed me off the ledge when there are no jobs. I haven't found a job in 5 months. Adland is dying.