I unfortunately miscarried while I was at work….

Hey guys...here’s my story.

I worked for a huge global company that shall remain nameless. I unfortunately miscarried while I was at work. I was 7 weeks pregnant and didn’t know it. I came back to work and was greeted by a letter left on my desk. It was from HR. They had made an appointment for me with a private doctor to assess whether I was medically capable of doing my job.

My manager didn’t know anything about it and HR had told me via letter rather than face-to-face...

I had no choice, but to attend the appointment, which I did with my husband. The doctor was as shocked as I was.

It made me realise that I could no longer work for another company. If I wanted women to receive respect in the workplace when dealing with ‘women’s issues’ I’d have to be the one making the rules.

I therefore founded my own company to ensure anyone who worked for me, would never have to go through the same thing.

I also keynote on mental health issues and tell this very story on stages across the country. By sharing my story I hope more women will know they’re not alone and stand-up for themselves.